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Provide a comfortable and intelligent office space, a total area of 114000 square meters Park, a total construction area of about 200000 square meters, covering the area of integrated services, international commercial business office area, high-end residential living, high-tech research and experimentation area, digital mining area and perfect service network.
With its strong technical strength, it provides one-stop block chain technical service and operation solution consulting. Including digital asset management, intelligent contract superconducting network, financial operating system, block chain big data, etc., more comprehensive system teaching and multi-project depth practice opportunities. Improve the competitiveness of the industry and help enterprises to develop faster and better.
Rich, high-quality resources accumulation, provide public relations docking. Park has won a number of Mongolian national policy support, to help enterprise customers application scenarios, stimulate the industry, various areas building intelligent scene, deepen the technology and the society, business and individual intelligent integration, promote the digital economy cooperation, realize win-win development.
Help block chain technology, enterprise development, rely on strong resource advantages, help business users get operation licenses, track license issuance process, and provide related services and guidance. Promote the healthy development of the block chain industry, grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges.
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