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GBC is dominated by the Global Blockchain Research Center (GBC) and headquartered in downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. GBC covers a total area of 114,000 square meters with a total construction area of about 200,000 square meters. Including commercial integrated service area, international business office, high-end residential area, high-tech research and experimental zone, digital mining area, the park has got a number of Mongolia's national policy support.In the future, the GBC high-tech industrial park with many high-tech enterprises, is designed to block chain technology extended to multiple services, to create a world-class block chain technology digital financial, technical research, technical application platform, has the production, research and trade trinity platform value.

Global Blockchain Research Center Global Blockchain Research Center, abbreviated as GBC, is an independent research institute focusing on the research of blockchain and devoted to the development of the blockchain industry. GBC mainly engaged in the study of blockchain theory, blockchain philosophical significance, the study of the impact of the blockchain community, blockchain technology application research and development of new blockchain technology research. The purpose of GBC as an independent research institution is to promote the iterative development of blockchain technology, incubate and accelerate the growth of related blockchain companies, establish a global blockchain industry exchange center, integrate the resources of the blockchain industry, and build a blockchain Ecological system. The GBC staff consists of dozens of experts and technicians from more than 10 countries and regions and mainly engaged in research in the following subdivisions: blockchain artificial intelligence, machine self-learning, deep learning and semantic learning; Blockchain robots, UAVs, Cognitive nanobots; Improvements in blockchain cognitive science, neuroscience, imaging, and BCIS; Research on the reputation system of blockchain intelligent agents; Blockchain intelligent contracts, Dapps, DAO, DAC, DCOs research; Blockchain mining, Consensus trust, Automated algorithm implementation research; Blockchain virtual reality, Cloud computing, Distributed trust research; Blockchain complex adaptive system; Computational complexity Theoretical Research and Blockchain and Health: EMR, Large Data Banking Security, Virtual Patient Simulations, and more.

The park has settled in blockchain high-tech enterprises such as the IDAX blockchain digital asset trading platform. At the same time, it also invites all kinds of high-tech enterprises to enter in and extend the block chain technology to various fields.

Since the blockchain was proposed, the technology has rapidly developed into an innovative technology of widespread concern to industry experts and the general public. Blockchain, a breakthrough change technology that rebuilds the society from the underlying infrastructure, has received much attention. The government of Mongolia attaches great importance to the integration of blockchain technology and industry in all aspects of development and actively promotes the building of a blockchain industry gathering area. At the same time, GBC Hi-tech Industrial Park will inject strong momentum into local economic and social development, stimulate the construction of intelligent scenes in various industries and fields, deepen the intelligent integration of technology, society, commerce and individuals. The concept of "public entrepreneurship and innovation" High-tech Industrial Park in the building will be fully demonstrated, more companies will participate in investment, cooperation and win-win situation. Actively participate in the grand strategy of "One Belt and One Road", explore ways to jointly utilize digital opportunities, meet challenges, share views, promote digital economy cooperation and achieve win-win development.

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Development planning

GBC Global Block Chain Research Center will play its own advantages and resources in the block chain technology, solid advance High-tech industrial development projects, promote the GBC Park to become a model effect of innovative incubation and accelerated incubation base, leading the global High-tech development. GBC High-Tech industrial park will be linked to Asia-Europe countries in the High-tech field of cooperation, Exchange hub business direction development, absorbing countless financial, scientific and technological, talent. In the future, GBC High-tech Industrial Park will be invaluable to the development of global economy and scientific research technology.

GBC will Idax (International Digital Asset Exchange) platform into the industrial park, determined through the power of the platform to attract global advantage resources to promote the GBC High-tech Industrial Park incubator growth. In the future, a number of High-tech enterprises will be introduced to extend the block chain technology to a number of service areas, to create world-class block chain technology digital Finance, technology research, technology application platform. Finally, through a wealth of resources and multidimensional Cross-border partners, for the platform liquidity to provide high circulation frequency of cooperation opportunities.

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GBC global block chain research center is mainly engaged in block chain theory research, block chain philosophy significance research, block chain social impact research, block chain technology application research and block chain new technology development research. The purpose is to promote the iterative development of block chain technology, hatch and accelerate the growth of related block chain enterprises, establish global block chain industry exchange center, integrate block chain industry resources, and create a block chain ecosystem with integrated production and research area. With the accumulation of rich and high quality resources, it helps the enterprise customers to apply the scene to the ground and promote the digital economic cooperation.

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