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Global Blockchain Research Center, abbreviated as GBC, is an

independent research institute focusing on the research of blockchain and devoted

to the development of the blockchain industry.

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 Research Field

blockchain artificial intelligence, machine self-learning, deep learning and semantic learning

Blockchain complex adaptive system; Computational complexity Theoretical Research and Blockchain and Health: EMR, Large Data Banking Security, Virtual Patient Simulations

Blockchain intelligent contracts

Blockchain mining, Consensus trust, Automated algorithm implementation research

Blockchain virtual reality, Cloud computing, Distributed trust research

Blockchain intelligent contracts, Dapps, DAO, DAC, DCOs research


To gather the top technical talents in the industry to discuss the development prospect, application environment, industry standard and talent training of block chain technology.

The accumulation of rich and high quality resources, helping the enterprise customers to apply the scene to the ground, promoting the cooperation of digital economy and realizing the win-win development.

It has a commercial comprehensive service area, an international business office area, a high-end residential area, a high tech research experimentation area, a digital mining area and a perfect service network

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